T R E N D | gingham

It's safe to say you've been living under a rock if you haven't seen or heard of the Gingham trend. It is E V E R Y W H E R E at the movement and has possibly been infused to every garment of clothing or accessory out there. Among other trends with season like slogan tees. Denim, and ruffled trousers gingham has definitely been the trend that has stood out to me the most.

I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of overly bold prints so I haven’t indulged in the trend myself, however it's always interesting to see how other people have styled it, whether up or down. Other than seeing a lot of people in it, what interests me the most about this trend is that it has the ability to stand out. It's no doubt that gingham is a very stand out piece which many people probably shy away from. Yet I believe that since it has the ability to work as a statement piece which is why it’s so popular at the movement.

The typical gingham print is traditionally black and white, however I've seen various online stores alter this to other colours like; red, blue or yellow which I think is much more appropriate for the summer season. Yet the traditional colour has been a classic choice for many influencers. This trend Is often worn for both casual and going out attire. Often paired with a plain white t-shirt, a slogan tee or as a matching coord!

Thanks to the creative tool Pinterest, I've managed to find various inspo on the trend and how different people have interpreted it, which it quite interesting. As well as how different companies have infused the trend into different items; like bags, swimwear, phone cases - the list really is never ending.

- Chrissy X 

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