Japanese street style photography

In terms of indulging into the fashion industry, I'd have to say my favourite side to it is the final stage; the execution. I love seeing everything tie together and being able to see the outcome, from the designer, photographer or so on. This will always be the most anticipated moment, seeing a designer’s work parade a runway or a photographer publish their work in a magazine.
However, in terms of street style photography we don't necessarily get to see the creative journey the photographer goes through - okay well maybe if they were to document it. But 10/10 it's normally the execution of that image, and what the photographer wants you to see.

I've always been a lover of street style photographer for as much as I can remember, even to the point where I wanted to study photography because of my growing interest. Yet throughout the years I've noticed you don't necessarily need to learn how to take a photograph as long as you have your own creative flare in terms of shooting photos.
My interest of Street Style photographer came about when I found the website tokyofashion.com and would spend days exploring their street photo tag. As well as scooping out my own fashion inspiration I was also intrigued by the way photographers captured the fashionable individual in their element. Street style is definitely the cutting edge in the fashion industry, and it's always interesting to see how many people around the world style clothes, and a single garment can be interpreted in sooo many ways. This is what possibly drew me to tokyofashion.com so much, as it allowed me to see a wide variation of style within Japan.
In Tokyo, there are so many different styles and cultures so it’s always interesting trying to keep up on what everyone’s wearing. Fashion brands are born and die every day in this fast-paced culture, which is what has drawn me so much to it as the fashion is completely different in comparison to British Fashion.

The styles are out there and it’s clear that individuals aren’t afraid of standing out and showing their individuality through the clothes they wear; and there’s nothing that screams confidence in doing so

- Chrissy X 
(images found on tokyofashion.com)

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