Fragrance Project | the photoshoot

A follow up of the creative concept; these are some of the mood boards we put together before the photo shoot, as we wanted to have a clear understanding on what type of tone we wanted to re create within our session. Pinterest was really helpful in terms of finding images that best displayed our brands aesthetic, and I made quite a few pinterest boards to display this. 
 Visual Inspiration one; Intimate without being cheesy
The idea of intimacy was a key aspect in our shoot, however we wanted it to be quite abstract. Skin, touch and body language was a main focal point within the photo shoot, and would be highlighted through composition, crop and shadowing. We followed this board the most as it best described the tone of voice we wanted to convey the best. During this we played around with different ways to show distance with body language, through the individuals not touching although they're together.  

Visual inspiration two; Props and Faces
Another idea that we played around with during the shoot was adding props and faces into it. As initially we didn't want any faces in the shoot, and to just rely on body language. We decided on bringing a chair into the shoot to show another aspect of intimacy, again without it being obvious. However during the shoot it was clear that this didn't fit the tone was voice we wanted to go for, so we ended up not using the chair at all. 

 Visual Inspiration three; intimate without being cheesy 
The concept of two becoming one, by leaning on one another without being overly cliche / lovey dovey. We liked how these images where quite abstract as you can see from the mood board. We played around with this concept a lot in the photo shoot, and in the end most of our photographs came out quite abstract. 

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-Chrissy X 

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