Fragrance Brand | The final video

After looking at our photographs taken in the photo shoot it was clear that we wanted both photograph and video to link in some sort of way. Mainly because we thought that the photos really promoted the brands identity and message quite well. The main aspects that we wanted to be the focal point in the video was skin and the idea of intimacy. This is where we introduced the idea of making a three part video to match up the brand name - you, me us.
The You video teaser will feature the woman, the me video featuring the man and then Us featuring both of the couples together. We decided to focus on the You teaser especially since it would be the first teaser uploaded onto social media.

 Here are some of the sketches I done in my sketchbook, to visualize what we wanted to video shoot to initially look like. 
The day of our shoot - since we didn't have access to the studio we had to take matters into our own hands and scouted for different locations. Since the model would be topless we needed a very plain background where no one would interfere. Our last result was the background in another group members Halls, which turned out perfect as it was a plain wall and was good in terms of catching a good shadow of her body and movement. Since lighting was key during this we actually used an iphone touch and turned the lights off, which captured her body movements quite well. 
To mimic the same movement in the photo shoot we had the model move her body slowly, as well as the camera slowly faded in and out of her body. We wanted to create the idea of intimacy as well as a invading personal space to show intimacy, so we played close attention to her shoulder, skin, chest and neck. The purpose of this is to reinforce intimacy; in which is also highlighted through the droplets of water on her skin to reflect sweat. 
We espeically choose to have the video black and white and it shows more emphasis on the shadows created by the light, as well as making the models features stand out. 

Overall the video was under a minute long, and mainly focused on movement, shadowing and intimacy. We ultimately decided on having the video this short because it's a teaser and will be promoted on Instagram / Snapchat. 

The other teasers released will follow the same narrative and tone of voice to suit the brands aesthetic. 

- Chrissy X 

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