fragrance story | what have I found out so far?

I’m around eight weeks in, into starting my brief at university and it’s already going about 50miles per hour, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to play catch up and document the things that have happened throughout the past eight weeks. This new brief has many similarities with the first brief, it’s broken down into four tasks with are either individual or in a group off three individuals including myself. Group work isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the whole wide world, but so far, it’s been good (touch wood). Within this particular brief, we are required to “create a brand In a highly competitive fragrance market”. Whether it’s a typical fragrance, or even a washing detergent it has to be linked to fragrance in some sort of way. Initially reading through the brief It appeared to be quite daunting yet I was quite excited to be able to have an insight to this multi-billion-pound industry.

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Before I dived into this brief head first I wanted to ask myself what fragrance was to me personally. I never really questioned the industry so my fragrance story had already started off quite small, and well pretty much non-existent. I first got my high-end perfume for my birthday a year ago, Love story by Chloe was something I wanted to keep forever. Easily perfume connotes such femininity and power often advertised through sleek packaging or print advertising. I often gravitate to pretty adverts often with the use of strong qualities like a black and white filter, direct mode of address or it being relatable to me personally. Here are a couple of my favourite print advertisements. 

So far from my personal research, I have found that the perfume industry is basically fashion's cash cow which initially making high end fashion brands push their prices higher than before, providing a quick consumer response make them more eager to go out and purchase these brands due to trends and popularity. The niche market has definitely been one to watch, with it being a popular trend this season many brands are creating expensive / limited versions of trends in which swarm in a mass yet loyal consumer who is ready to buy it, as once it's gone its gone. Whilst venturing out in Nottingham into perfume shops / department stores, one of the sales women in Jo Malone had told me that they do this with the limited edition "Bloomsbury" set which sells out quickly, alongside some off their other products like advent calendars which some people pre order early on. I'm particular excited for the next part of the brief, where we get to unravel our own ideas and coming up with a prominent brand idenfity for our fragrance.
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