Fragrance Project | Final Images

Just a really quick post today to conclude the Fragrance project series on my blog. These are the final press ads we produced as a group. We thought they where pretty strong as they reinforce the concept we where going for; strong contrast, intimacy as well as intimacy without being cliche. The black and white filter on top also highlights the intensity of the image, and brings more attention to the contrast in both the models skin tones. The filter also brings attention to water droplets on their skin to 
emulate sweat. Finally we choose to have the logo in the left corner of both images as we wanted it to be subtle and not take attention away from the image. 

Overall I've really enjoyed this module, it's probably been my favourite so far. Although there was a lot of difficulty in terms of keep a very organized group we really pulled through in the end and managed to accomplish our goals and end up with a polished print Ad as well as video. Even bagging us a position to present our idea to guest lectures. It was really a interesting experience being able to dive into the fragrance industry as well as learning more about creative direction, photography and all the other stuff in between like photo shop, video editing etc. By doing this project has really opened my eyes on what kind of position I'd like to do in the industry and what parts of the course that I enjoy. It has been extremely challenging but I'm proud that as a group we managed to establish a brand that would potentially full fill the gap in the market. 

- Chrissy X 

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