Fragrance Project | The Video (pre production)

We had various ideas in terms of our video shoot, yet the use of body, skin and the idea of touching would still be a prominent feature in whatever we end up doing. Shifting away from what we did in the photo shoot we wanted to focus on something different opposed to just skin, and thought it would be interesting to bring focus on another intimate area. This is where we thought of using hands as a main feature. Inspired by a photo I found on pinterest of two fingers being connected by a piece of string, we interpretation this as lovers still being connected despite distance. 
“Ring for Two” by conceptual jeweler Otto K├╝nzli, 1980:
Furthermore we decided to play around this idea with both models hands but through movement - seeing as it was obviously a video. Since the string would symbolize the couple being drawn back together despite distance, within the video the models would start with their hands together and then slowly shifting away showing the string which keeps them together. We wanted the emphasis of movement to be a big thing, so we slowed down the movement of the models hands to reinforce distance but connection. 
As our video would likely be shared on Instagram we also played with their app Boomerang, however the movement of the models hands appeared to be to quick and the use of the string was emphasized so we decided against the app. 

This was the final outcome, through a lot of discussion as a group we thought this doesn't relate to our brands aesthetic at all, and the end result was quite sloppy and not creative.  Although we played around with different lighting, positions as well as hand movements we decided that it was best that the video would follow on from the photoshoot; and push the idea of intimacy much more. So it was back to the drawing board. During this time we decided to bring together aspects of our photo shoot that we liked and how we could reinforce  that into a video, more details will be in the next post!

- Chxrissy X 

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