first year is complete ! ! ! !

So, first year is officially over. It's absolutely crazy how quickly this year has come and gone and it honestly feels like yesterday I was applying for University. Coming to Nottingham to study was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made and at the time when applying, I knew that out of all the universities I looked at, I had to come to Nottingham. 

I never really knew what I wanted to do at University until I came across the - Fashion Promotion and Communication course (fcp). It was a course that I hadn't heard of ever before, yet looked so intriguing and board, as it covered a lot of different aspects in the fashion industry. 
It was definitely a light bulb moment reading through the courses content and knowing straight away that this is exactly what I wanted to study. 

I previously studied English Literature, Media studies and Creative writing at A-level and although they where creative in some sense, I really wanted to indulge more into fashion as It was something I was already interested in; So I thought doing a course that covered most things would be a great start. 

Coming to University was a no brainier for me, and was something that I definitely wanted to do and so far I haven't been disappointed. Throughout the year I have been able to learn so much different things within the fashion industry like - fast fashion, trend forecasting, The fashion cycle as well as the more creative aspect like; Indesign, Photoshop, styling, creative direction etc. I do feel that the course in the first year was more business / marketing based but then got more creative in the end.

There's no denying that 1st year has been quite challenging, moving to a completely different city, making new friends and studying a completely new course is a whole lot to take in. It's definitely been the longest journey and although it's not over yet I'm enjoying the ride. I can't wait to just take a well deserved break since it's been work work work, and a lot of stress since day one; and topped it off at the end when I broke my USB so ended up having to do everything again..

I'm overly joyed that I have the chance to be doing such a unique course like this one since it's been a dream to do such a course like this. I can't wait to see what's in stall during second year, and although I know it's only going to get more challenging from here It's quite exciting being able to develop more of my creativity skills, meet more people as well as get stuck in with the different modules. Especially more so, the creative modules involving - creative direction, photography as well as magazine layouts / construction. 
First year you've been a blast and I'm going to miss living in Nottingham during the summer since it's a completely different lifestyle to my city back home. But now it's time for a well deserved break back home! 

- Chrissy X 
(all photos taken by me) 

Japanese street style photography

In terms of indulging into the fashion industry, I'd have to say my favourite side to it is the final stage; the execution. I love seeing everything tie together and being able to see the outcome, from the designer, photographer or so on. This will always be the most anticipated moment, seeing a designer’s work parade a runway or a photographer publish their work in a magazine.
However, in terms of street style photography we don't necessarily get to see the creative journey the photographer goes through - okay well maybe if they were to document it. But 10/10 it's normally the execution of that image, and what the photographer wants you to see.

I've always been a lover of street style photographer for as much as I can remember, even to the point where I wanted to study photography because of my growing interest. Yet throughout the years I've noticed you don't necessarily need to learn how to take a photograph as long as you have your own creative flare in terms of shooting photos.
My interest of Street Style photographer came about when I found the website and would spend days exploring their street photo tag. As well as scooping out my own fashion inspiration I was also intrigued by the way photographers captured the fashionable individual in their element. Street style is definitely the cutting edge in the fashion industry, and it's always interesting to see how many people around the world style clothes, and a single garment can be interpreted in sooo many ways. This is what possibly drew me to so much, as it allowed me to see a wide variation of style within Japan.
In Tokyo, there are so many different styles and cultures so it’s always interesting trying to keep up on what everyone’s wearing. Fashion brands are born and die every day in this fast-paced culture, which is what has drawn me so much to it as the fashion is completely different in comparison to British Fashion.

The styles are out there and it’s clear that individuals aren’t afraid of standing out and showing their individuality through the clothes they wear; and there’s nothing that screams confidence in doing so

- Chrissy X 
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Cannes film festival | favourite looks

The Cannes Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from around the world. It was founded in 1646, and is an invitation only festival. In all honestly I haven't heard of the Cannes Film Festival until I saw a lot of well dressed celebrities like the likes of Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Nicki Minaj on various social media platforms. Despite not knowing anything about the festival until now, it was actually the 70th Anniversary and took place between the 17th and 29th of May. The week was jam packed with various screenings, premiers, and most importantly the red carpet, where A-list celebrities had the chance to show of their designer looks. 

Here are some of my favourite looks of the night, and my thoughts; 

The Gorgeous Sara Sampaio is pictured wearing Zuhiar Murad. A simple V line gown which features sequined detailing which appears to look like fireworks for the added glamour. Sara paired this was very minimal jewelry and topped it off with a smoky eye and a subtle pink lip for added affect. This whole look ties in beautifully together it's all kind of glamours, simple yet sexy. I like the colour of this red as it really compliments her skin tone ultimately making her stand out from the crowd. 

Actress Emily Ratajkowski is pictured wearing Twinset. I was mostly excited to see what Emily had to bring to the red carpet as I'm currently very intrigued with her style lately as well as her sudden rise to stardom. Emily kept it simple yet classy in this silk spaghetti strapped gown, adding a slight edge with he slip down the side and eye catchy jewelry. I find most of my attention to her hairstyle and choice of jewelry, although her outfit  and hair is very simple it's been dressed up effortlessly with her choice in jewelry. 

I absolutely adored seeing Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier. She's one of my ultimate style crushes at the moment, so it's always intrigued to see what she wears and how she styles various pieces together. This dress is absolutely stunning and screams Bella Hadid. Although she played it safe with the structured V neck line yet her own flare has been added with the high leg split signature wavy locks. 

Rihanna just never seems to fails in whatever she wears at the moment, she was captured in this elegant ball gown type dress by Christian Dior. It seems as simple yet classy and whites and creams where a popular choice this year. She kept it modest with a sweet heart neckline and dainty accessories. 
However, She added her own kick to the look with this teeny tiny sunglasses, which I wish I understood why she wore them then I remembered it's Rihanna and she looks good in anything. 

- Chrissy x 

challenging beauty norms and embracing natural beauty | inside the fashion industry

Leomie Anderson is the 24-year-old, international model and “age super for an Instagram generation". Walking catwalks in fashion capitals like - Paris, London and New York not to mention working with many big designers, like Moschino, Loewe and Topshop Unique. It's no doubt this model is rocking the industry by a storm. However, with the constant struggle of lack of diversity and underlying issues of racism in the industry, Leomie isn't afraid to speak up and has complained various times about makeup within the Industry. As in her experience artists where only capable of catering to white models, leaving women of darker skin tones having to apply their own makeup; almost shocking as I don’t understand how someone can be a makeup artist if they aren’t experienced with makeup for all skin tones. This experience however hasn’t belittled Leomie and instead of sweeping it under the carpet she has used her platform to speak up on these issues and how they have made her feel in the situation. It’s no doubt that the industry doesn’t understand what diversity is at times, so It’s extremely important that Leomie brought light to the difficulties she’s faced in the industry and how it isn’t always glitz and glamour. 
Leomie uses various platforms to share her thoughts, like her Instagram account (leomieanderson), and her website (, where she invites young creatives to share their own opinions and publish their articles. Articles include; Light skin privilege, cultural appropriate and body image. Touchy subjects that many people shy away from being educated on, even though it’s important that these issues need to be addressed, correctly. I find it inspiring that she has created this platform as it has the ability to educate and inform people who are seeking advice or want to be educate. 

2017 has seen the rise of south Sundanese model Duckie Thot. Formally a contestant on Australian’s Next Top Model. The head strong model isn't afraid to slam the industry when it comes to embracing her natural hair. Similar to Leomie, Duckie has also spoken up about the harsh realities of makeup artists and hair stylists in the industry - "'Being a black woman, we haven't really been taught how to take care of our natural hair — we've only been taught how to hide it. I think hair companies, the media, hairstylists, and the industry itself are to blame. She clapped back recently when fellow model Winnie Harlow, called her a cauliflower head" for wearing a natural ponytail in a Dinosaur Design fashion campaign. Urging Duckie to respond with a heart filled Instagram post, where she embraced her natural hair as well as struggles she has faced when on Australia's next top model. She told Teen Vogue that "First and foremost, hair is an accessory and doesn't define a woman,". Although many black women face several hardships when it comes to their natural hair, it’s inspiring seeing someone as young as Duckie embracing her roots and challenging typical beauty standards. I find it inspirational that Duckie has spoken up on her thoughts, as well as encourage other people who might lack confident wearing their natural hair to embrace it, as isn't usually visualized as beautiful in the industry. 

Rewinding it back to last year when the gorgeous Victoria Secret Model, Maria Borges made history but returning to the catwalk with natural hair. Alongside Herieth Paul, & Jourdana Elizabeth. If you're familiar with the show, many of the models that parade the catwalk are tall, skinny and have long flowing hair. However, Maria challenged this stereotype by not wearing any hair extensions and her short natural afro instead; and stated that it was the - "the sexiest moment of my life. I was very excited to share my hair with the world”.  A simple statement that inspired many people around the world, and it was so refreshing seeing it on such a popular catwalk show. 

Thanks for reading!
- Chrissy X 

1st year sketchbooks

Throughout my time at university it was vital as part of our course to keep a sketchbook. Initially this was quite exciting to me as I've never had to record anything in a sketchbook before, the idea of owning a sketchbook and having to document in it throughout the course was quite intimidating to me because I like to plan things out strategically, opposed to just chucking things in random. We were advised to put everything in our sketchbook and not to necessarily worry about presentation as long as it was clear on what our thought process was, as well putting things we had learnt from seminars and lectures. 

Like I said I like to plan strategically and to be organized, so when we were told to go for it and not worry about presentation it kind of put me on edge. Although I did try and be creative and not worry about layout it frustrated me having pages that didn't best visualize my creativity, to where it almost embarrassed me to show other people my sketchbook. I've always been a perfectionist in terms of how things look visually, and although this isn't necessarily a bad thing it actually can get in the way of being up to date with work; since i'm too concerned on making things look visually pleasing. 

During the first year of University, I've managed to complete four sketchbooks looking back my style has changed massively. My first sketchbook was probably the worst, since It look me quite a while to stay focused and actually produce content. I almost saw keeping a sketchbook like a chore, but looking back it's been quite beneficial in terms of looking back on how my work has progressed and what type of topics I found interesting. It's also clear that I lack interest in annotation and focus much more on how the pictures look on the page. Although I do annotate with the best of my ability I do find that I'm just describing the image opposed to sharing my views and why I put it in my sketchbook; which is something I definitely need to work on. 
Having the opportunity of being able to keep a record of things from the course / my own interests has been a learning lesson. It's made it very clear that I'm more for the visuals opposed to annotation, and although I want to embrace this I hope that I can become more confident in terms of annotating more in depth. Without denying it, presentation will always be KEY to me and I'm probably always going to be sticking my images on to black card and then cutting them back out again to stick into my sketchbook, although tedious I guess that's what makes my sketchbook my own. I'm looking forward in my second year to be able to be more creative and of course produce so much more content, and possibly own more than four sketchbook; and start using my sketchbook outside of Uni. Being opened to the wonderful world of sketch-booking it's definitely made me comfortable to just dive in and document things I'm interested in.  
- Chrissy X

Favorite Drug Store Lipsticks

There’s nothing as fierce as an individual in lipstick. I love the way that a subtle or even bold lip can instantly evaluate someone’s features and complete the simplest of looks. Over the years I’ve consumed A LOT of lipstick products, which strangely started when I started collecting all the Fizzy drink flavor lip balms they used to sell in Claire’s and Primark. The memory of me sitting in a lesson and applying a dash of Cherry Coca Cola lip balm and frequently licking my lips, and being astonished that my lips tasted like my favorite drink – blew my mind. Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite / everyday drugstore lipsticks that I can’t live without. 

Collection Lip Butter - Perfect Plum 2:99 Definitely my go to lip butter as its so moisturizing and creamy making it an absolute dream. I also love how it stays on for the whole day which is also a plus. Another plus about this product is that the colour isn't overly bright so it isn't so overpowering on my skin tone. It's a really subtle so it's an easy everyday wear. 

Makeup Revlon Lip Lava Lipstick - FireStorm 2:99 
The first thing I noticed about this product is how much it resembled the Too Faced Melted lipstick's, though different in terms of packaging it offers such a vibrant colour. The Lip Lava's are described as an intense lipstick formula, melted to create an impactful gloss. Smooth and comfortable wear, with long lasting formula with Vitamin E. Initially I thought it was a lip gloss, although it does apply as a glossy texture it dulls down to a smooth satiny finish - which is what I like about it the most.  I usually wear this on top of matte lipstick for a little more of a bold lip. 

New Look Pure Colour - Velvet Matte Lipstick - 3:99
This little beauty was mentioned in my September favorites, I love how well this lipstick compliments my skin tone. It's a burgundy colour that instantly compliments a dull / dark outfit. 

Barry M - 160 - 3:99 
I can't put into words on how much I adore this lipstick - the colour is simply gorgeous. A mix of burgundy with deep purple hues. It was a spontaneous buy but I'm so in love with the colour. 

Unknown Name - 4:99

I honestly can't remember the name of this product, and have been trying to find the name of it for far too long (apologizes!) I do know it's part of a Kardashian beauty line. I love the overall colour of this product, it's a mixture of red as well as a blood orange, it also comes with a lip-gloss (not pictured). All in all I love how well this applies and how long lasting it is. 

- Chrissy X 

Instagram's youngest fashionista

some of my favourite looks by COCO

Instagram is one of the best platforms for finding other creatives and influences around the world, it’s such a creative hub in terms of finding inspiration videos and images as well as tips and tricks. Recently I discovered one of the most fashionable kids I’ve seen in probably my whole lifetime, I was browsing the explore page and came across the little trend setting. Residing in one of the most fashionable cities; Harajuku, Tokyo. Coco goes under the name coco_pinkprincess of Instagram and frequently uploads cute snaps of her outfits to the 66.4 thousand followers a day.

What caught my eye mostly about COCO was how different her style is compared to other six-year-old, it’s obviously not a time to experiment with fashion choices at this age with your parents most likely choosing what you wear, when you wear. Tokyo constantly bursts with creativity and the world of fashion and street style is a constantly evolving industry, which has influenced many. So, there’s no surprise these influences have been sprung onto COCO.

It’s almost shocking but refreshing seeing a young girl as little as six wear outfits so effortlessly, yet look so put together. In her recent snaps she paired a fluorescent flower printed shirt, thick rimmed glasses topped off with a moschino hat. There's something so high fashion about this little fashionista belting her blazer, mixing textures and taking mirror snaps every opportunity she gets.

The wonderful world of fashion is a constantly evolving industry, and it's almost amazing that individuals can be united through their love of clothes. What has drawn me the most to the fashion industry and just fashion in particular is that it has absolutely no limits in terms of making people feel with fashion of course comes confidence, and there's no denying that someone’s favourite outfit or accessory can make them feel a million different ways. Among other young creatives, COCO has reinforced that fashion has no age.

Can I be you when I grow up please?
-Chrissy X   

T R E N D | gingham

It's safe to say you've been living under a rock if you haven't seen or heard of the Gingham trend. It is E V E R Y W H E R E at the movement and has possibly been infused to every garment of clothing or accessory out there. Among other trends with season like slogan tees. Denim, and ruffled trousers gingham has definitely been the trend that has stood out to me the most.

I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of overly bold prints so I haven’t indulged in the trend myself, however it's always interesting to see how other people have styled it, whether up or down. Other than seeing a lot of people in it, what interests me the most about this trend is that it has the ability to stand out. It's no doubt that gingham is a very stand out piece which many people probably shy away from. Yet I believe that since it has the ability to work as a statement piece which is why it’s so popular at the movement.

The typical gingham print is traditionally black and white, however I've seen various online stores alter this to other colours like; red, blue or yellow which I think is much more appropriate for the summer season. Yet the traditional colour has been a classic choice for many influencers. This trend Is often worn for both casual and going out attire. Often paired with a plain white t-shirt, a slogan tee or as a matching coord!

Thanks to the creative tool Pinterest, I've managed to find various inspo on the trend and how different people have interpreted it, which it quite interesting. As well as how different companies have infused the trend into different items; like bags, swimwear, phone cases - the list really is never ending.

- Chrissy X 

finding inspiration

I always find it particular hard to find inspiration at times, although I study a fashion course and am constantly inspired everyday; I sometimes find when I'm outside of that atmosphere I'm back into my slump of a lack of creativity. 
Inspiration is literally everywhere, and can literally be anything. So here's how I find inspiration from time to time whenever i'm in a creative slump;

Fragrance Project | Final Images

Just a really quick post today to conclude the Fragrance project series on my blog. These are the final press ads we produced as a group. We thought they where pretty strong as they reinforce the concept we where going for; strong contrast, intimacy as well as intimacy without being cliche. The black and white filter on top also highlights the intensity of the image, and brings more attention to the contrast in both the models skin tones. The filter also brings attention to water droplets on their skin to 
emulate sweat. Finally we choose to have the logo in the left corner of both images as we wanted it to be subtle and not take attention away from the image. 

Overall I've really enjoyed this module, it's probably been my favourite so far. Although there was a lot of difficulty in terms of keep a very organized group we really pulled through in the end and managed to accomplish our goals and end up with a polished print Ad as well as video. Even bagging us a position to present our idea to guest lectures. It was really a interesting experience being able to dive into the fragrance industry as well as learning more about creative direction, photography and all the other stuff in between like photo shop, video editing etc. By doing this project has really opened my eyes on what kind of position I'd like to do in the industry and what parts of the course that I enjoy. It has been extremely challenging but I'm proud that as a group we managed to establish a brand that would potentially full fill the gap in the market. 

- Chrissy X