Fragrance Project | creative concept

As a brand, most of our inspiration steamed from various fashion photographers as well as artists. key point within this was creative direction, and from the start we were very clear on what tone of voice we wanted to convey through the images we would produce. It was vital we payed attention to the type of creative direction route we went down, since are ads focus couples we didn’t want to go down a cliche route; and something more abstract. A photographer we were heavily influenced by was Herb Ritts, particularly with his use of abstract imagery, and being able to photographs individuals without being over the top, yet high glamour. We felt like his style was very visually pleasing, which is something we wanted to reflect in our final press ads. Rene Magritte’s painting, the lovers was also inspirational as it represented love without focusing on identity, which we thought would be a good reflection of a variations of couples.

The aesthetic of contrasting skin tones and the use of close up body parts was necessary to our photo shoot. We felt that this would represent a modern interpretation of a couple, and thought this would work well with the brands colour palette; black and white. The use of the body parts was to convey a sense of intimacy and connection between the lovers, but in a subtle way. Shown through composition, shadowing and close ups of the sweat on their bodies. We thought the images where strong with its original layout, another the ad can lead to various interpretations we thought it by keeping the consumer hooked; would want them to find more about the brand and the brands experience. Overall, we wanted to create our brand message through our press ads, and leaving the consumer wanting to know more about the brand and its experience.

- Chrissy X  

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