Instagram's youngest fashionista

some of my favourite looks by COCO

Instagram is one of the best platforms for finding other creatives and influences around the world, it’s such a creative hub in terms of finding inspiration videos and images as well as tips and tricks. Recently I discovered one of the most fashionable kids I’ve seen in probably my whole lifetime, I was browsing the explore page and came across the little trend setting. Residing in one of the most fashionable cities; Harajuku, Tokyo. Coco goes under the name coco_pinkprincess of Instagram and frequently uploads cute snaps of her outfits to the 66.4 thousand followers a day.

What caught my eye mostly about COCO was how different her style is compared to other six-year-old, it’s obviously not a time to experiment with fashion choices at this age with your parents most likely choosing what you wear, when you wear. Tokyo constantly bursts with creativity and the world of fashion and street style is a constantly evolving industry, which has influenced many. So, there’s no surprise these influences have been sprung onto COCO.

It’s almost shocking but refreshing seeing a young girl as little as six wear outfits so effortlessly, yet look so put together. In her recent snaps she paired a fluorescent flower printed shirt, thick rimmed glasses topped off with a moschino hat. There's something so high fashion about this little fashionista belting her blazer, mixing textures and taking mirror snaps every opportunity she gets.

The wonderful world of fashion is a constantly evolving industry, and it's almost amazing that individuals can be united through their love of clothes. What has drawn me the most to the fashion industry and just fashion in particular is that it has absolutely no limits in terms of making people feel with fashion of course comes confidence, and there's no denying that someone’s favourite outfit or accessory can make them feel a million different ways. Among other young creatives, COCO has reinforced that fashion has no age.

Can I be you when I grow up please?
-Chrissy X   

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