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As mentioned in another post, for the last term of university we where working towards coming up with a fragrance brand; which required us to create a new brand in the highly competitive fragrance market. 
After gathering various insights, primary research as well as identifying what the gap in the market was. This is where You, Me Us is born. I came up with this concept as the idea of a long distance is nothing new to me, I already know the hardships of this and thought it would be interesting as a concept, as I haven't really seen any products that's concept is based around long distances. 

As a brand the basis of our concept is to bring lovers together despite distance with scent. The concept of long distance relationships is becoming a norm of modern society, so it seems like the right time to produce a product that celebrates the hardships of long distance relationships. You, Me and Us is created by lovers to embody one another’s natural aroma. Since scent is integral to intimacy, as a brand we want to reinforce the luxury of being able to wear a scent that reminds you of your lover. Through primary research we noticed the lack of fragrances that are experienced focused and involve the consumer;  So this is where the You, Me Us experience is introduced. A fragrance making class for couples, which invites the consumers to spend the day with their partners creating a fragrance that is personal to one another. Him created by Her, a scent reminiscent of him and vise vera. The couple is then welcomed to make a third fragrance – Us. An aroma that evokes nostalgia like a first date. These various of scents can be made into multiple things like; perfumes, oils and creams. The experience will take on a very informal approach, and will also allow couples to share their experiences of being in a long-distance relationship. It will have a workshop type feel, and the interior will represent the aesthetic of the brand. As a brand, we fit on the high-end market, we felt that most couple based fragrances where very cliché, which wouldn’t suit our concept of the consumer’s needs and wants. Our brands aesthetic is very monochrome, but a touch of delicacy is seen through the script like writing in the logo, to highlight intimacy. 

- Chrissy x 

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