tim walker - lady grey

In one of my seminars a few weeks back, we were given an in depth seminar to the stages of visual analysis, three key tricks being when looking at fashion images is..; description, formal analysis, deeper interpretation, semiotics (background information, connection etc - the basic theory - the sign, the signer, the signified > rose - picture - passion). Within this I learnt two important words that would help during the process of breaking down a image. 
CONNOTATION > what does the image mean/signify, what is the message behind the image, the interpretation of the meaning. 
DENOTATION > what is the image, what is the picture of?
I thought these two words stood out the most to me, as it made the processes of analyzing an image in depth so much more easier. 

I was given Lady In Grey by Tim Walker, Lady Grey Shot by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia 2010, focuses primarily on two models in a dark abandon location, which takes on a fantasy like narrative. I was overall quite pleased about getting this image, as it's so unique as well as beautiful. I also liked the fact that every time I looked at the photo i spotted something different or interpreted something differently.
It’s clear that the image is dripping reference from the 18th century, so it’s clear that Tim’s motive was to go beyond taking pictures of clothes, which is echoed beautifully using bold accents in clothing, lack of emotion and faded misted matched whimsical clothing. This tone is also highlighted in the other series he shot for Vogue Italia.
Generally, Tim Walker has captured his vision beautifully by creating depth and insight through confident structure of the photograph, choice of model and props to evaluate the final photograph. Since Tim effectively uses the decaying property and brings it alive with wacky props and the use of models to act as replicators of the building. I personally think this is a photograph that will stop people in their tracks as it goes beyond a typical fashion image, as it provides narrative and provokes the reader to think; what is the photograph about, and what Tim Walkers vision was.  Although I find the image quite heavy to take on when I first saw it, it was interesting to look at the image in more depth and had my own perspective on it.

- Chrissy x 

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