the fishnet trend

The fishnet trend has been populating my instagram feed for weeks now & it's easy to say that the trend wont die down anytime soon. I remember seeing the start of this trend on blogger Erika Bowes instagram and was instantly in awe. I loved the way she had paired a pair of distressed jeans over a fish nets, and then completed the outfit with a pair of Gucci loathers. An absolute trend setter, and it was amazing to see that she had made a simple outfit pack a punch! 
Soon after that I saw other fashion bloggers had caught up with the trend, as well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian & little sister Kylie Jenner often wearing the trend over a pair of light wash jeans & adding focus to the tights with ripped jeans or cropped tops. 

Since I'm a big off wearing typically plain outfits and adding a statement piece within it, It's safe to say that i'm in love with this trend, it's just so bad ass and would of never thought of combining the two. I love how people have altered the way they've worn it also, like mixing it with leathers, jeans, or skirts to add texture. 

I'll definitely be grabbing a pair of fish nets when I'm next out!
Chrissy x 

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