Before I start can I just say how IN LOVE, I am with this collection. Dolce & Gabbana you've done it again. I'm in love with how rich the colour scheme is and how well it compliments the chosen models facial features and skin tones. I find the use of mixed prints, silhouettes and infusion of lounge wear to be absolutely stunning, and was probably the thing that stood out for me the most within this collection. I loveeee the colour palette and the generally styling of all models. 

Unlike I noticed something, no everyone walking for this collection were models, initially I thought it was weird but realized it was 2017, and it was bound to happen some time soon. 
"For Fall ’17, Dolce & Gabbana took the idea of inviting YouTube and Instagram influences from the millennial generation to their show, started by them last season, by inviting them to be the show." - Vouge. 

With the constant rise in content creators it's no surprise that they're everywhere. Personalities included Cameron Dallas who rocked a deep purple suit and sleek black hair. In all honestly I don't know if I like the fact Dolce & Gabbana decided to infuse online personalities onto their catwalk. The fashion / modeling industry is hard as it is and I do feel as if content creators get a simple pass to be in designers shows which isn't exactly fair to people that audition. Fair enough they have a strong viewership, and connect their audiences to Dolce & Gabbana on a whole, but it's likely that their target won't be able to afford designer luxury's. I know it's probably all fun and games, and that content creators can promote the rise in the brands collection / advertising, but I just don't understand the mixing of the two, and do personally believe it makes the brands ideals unclear. Other than that I'm in love with this collection on the whole, it's simply stunning!

What are your thoughts?
Chrissy x 

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