new nomad - juergen teller

I'm no good when it comes to photography and my knowledge on photographers is very limited, with the minor excuse that I know Mario Testino. So when I was given an editorial to look at by Juergen Teller I was completely stunned. In a good way of course. During one of my seminars at University, my group were given the editorial titled - New Nomad. A beautiful yet wacky 16 page editorial featured in Vogue March 2015. Featuring Dutch model Saskia De Brauw, exploring the mysterious Greek island of Hydra.

some of my favourite photographs from the editorial

I never really expected much from the name, from first glance it seemed foreign almost like it was a different language - New nomad. Weird; and when one of my lectures described it as the "the night after" and said it looked like the model was on an acid trip, I knew it wasn't going to be like any other editorial I’d seen before. Instantly I thought the use of colour and location was interesting, up against the model placement in quite random places. The use of bright bold colours opposed to the rich colours of nature really make the photographs stand out and add depth, I also like that the photo offers narrative, as a individual I want to know where she’s going, she’s she doing and where she’s come from. In which is why I’d wouldn’t flick through this editorial and would actually take it all in. There's was just something so odd, yet fascinating about the photographs in which personally intrigue me, and I think Juergen is successful in conveying his quirky message. As part of the brief my group have to take photographs inspired by this shoot using the prop of Jewellery, which I think will be both fun and interesting on how we will take inspiration from New nomad. 
Juergen Teller is a German born Photographer, and employs a raw, overexposed style photography which offers a mysterious overtone to his images. His work has been featured in the likes of Vogue, I-D magazine as well as another magazine. Teller also has a long list of collaborations with other designers and fashion houses including; Helmut Lang, Yves Laurent and Celine. 
Coming from a very limited insight to fashion Photographers, Teller has given me insight to the fact that editorials not always need to be pretty to tell a message, which i find quite inspiring. I also like the fact that his other photography uses an overexposed style; in which I have always been inspired by. 
He's definitely a photographer that I'm interested in finding more about and looking and much more of his photography and see how they both differ yet are similar to one another; which would probably be useful since my knowledge on photographers is very limited.

- Chrissy x 

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