a day in london

London is probably one of my favourite cities, and I pretty much always get excited whenever I get the chance to go. Around a month ago, my course got the chance to visit London for a day, as part of one of are briefs. One section of are brief was to go to London and to find are trend around both high end and high street shops as well as on individuals. My groups trend was the pyjama trend, a trend I have briefly touched upon in my previous blog post. Generally, it was quite difficult trying to find are trend in both high end and high street stores, which was probably due to the weather, as well as the fact that the trend is mainly popular during Spring/Summer which is obviously expected. Nevertheless it was fun having a little nosy in designer shops and eagerly browsing  around London aimlessly trying to find people at least attempting to adopt are trend in some sort of fashion. 

We found are self in Harvey Nichols, Knights Bridge and Liberty, all places in London I’ve only seen through an Instagram hashtag. Though quite surreal it was also quite daunting going into most designer shops like Chanel, Valentino and Burberry, though treated very well by the staff members; it did feel as if I was expected to buy something. It would of been a dream to be able to walk out of Gucci with bag, but obviously that didn’t happen with the sort of budget I’m living on right now. Though Gucci's display of the Pyjama trend was very limited it was fun having a little look inside, and it was definitely my favourite designer shop out of the ones we visited. I was literally in such awe and the visual merchandising was simply beautiful, I love that the had some of their collections out on display; which just made it even better as I'm loving everything Gucci atm. 

I'll be back Gucci, one day.

- Chrissy x 

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