making it through winter in style

Winter not exactly my favourite season; full of bleak colour schemes, dark misty skies and just generally grumpiness. When it's cold the easiest thing to do is grab the most over sized jumper you own and calling it a day, being comfy and warm in this season is probably much more a priority opposed to being stylish. But there is such thing as being warm, comfortable & STYLISH! Winter is a chance be more open to layering which is most definitely my favourite thing about the season; opposed to layering here are a few other items you can bring any comfortable outfit into something that stands out; as a fashion statement. Here are a couple of my favourite things that makes any simple outfit more fashionable!

> T E D D Y   B E A R  C O A T 

> S T A T E M E N T   B O O T S 

> A P O P   O F   C O L O U R 

> C H U N K Y   S C A R F 

> T U R T L E  N E C K S 

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