what is fcp?

There's a very big misunderstanding that if you're studying a  fashion course, you're either making clothes or doing something  related to design; which in fact isn't fully correct.
It seems to be very frequent that I have to tell people my course doesn't in fact require a sewing machine - which is often responded with a rather puzzled face. The course that I'm doing reaches beyond it's title and offers a broader spectrum towards the fashion industry; which is rather exiting seeing as it's one of the "Most successful courses of it's kind in the UK"

Fashion Communication and Promotion is a very broad course; and is formed from an adaptation of individuals ideas in terms of fashion as well as beyond fashion. The context within a FCP course can vary upon where you decide to do it, and since it's a fairly new course many universities can either offer a more creative / hands on approach or focus more on the business side of fashion.
Particularly, since I decided to do the course at Nottingham Trent University, it's was very clear from the day I started that the course was going to be very varied, and focus more on an in depth approach to fashion; whilst having a critical approach as well identifying yourself with different roles within the industry. 

So, What exactly is FCP?
Being a fashion communication and promotion student we are taught through briefs, projects and learning outcomes; which maybe in groups or individual work. We look at communicating a current message whether that's political, cultural or even a brands aesthetic. As well as being aware of a consumer and how exactly a brand can communicate it's message to them; like through the use of different platforms. Generally, the course focuses more on how a brand conveys it's message (story) and how the consumer generates that messages. Within that it's also sufficient for us, FCP students to be critical yet aware on how brands convince consumers to indulge in a product.
There's so much more depth to how a brand can feed a consumers appetite and how they're successful within this, which is why this particular course at NTU looks at a more in depth approach within fashion opposed to looking at it from the surface. 
The course covers a wide range of things including..
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Journalism 
  • Styling
  • Photography
  • Fashion Media
  • Event Planning
  • Live Projects
  • Ect 
Being ranked within the top 5 fashion universities in the UK and 14th in the world - by the  Business of Fashion's Global Fashion School Ranking 2015. It's actually amazing how many areas that the lectures cover throughout the three years off being on the course, as well as giving us prime examples on how these skills can be applied into a wide range of jobs, that go beyond the fashion industry. 

The last couple of months being the course has gone by super quickly, and it's sometimes hard portraying my thoughts into a blogpost as they usual require a lot of time personally. During the months I've completed two projects that have been quite hands on, which have been quite fun as they have deepened my knowledge on the fashion industry. 
Hopefully I've summed up the course well, there's definitely so much in depth to what the course has to offer, but since I haven't exactly been on the course for a year I can only give a small insight. Yet, I plan to write a full post at the end of my 1st year which gives a deeper perspective to the course. 

Chrissy x 

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