new nomad inspired photoshoot

After gathering information on the photographer and his previous work, we were then given a fashion accessory in which we had to incorporate into the photo shoot, ours being Jewelry. This initially proved quite challenging as most Jewelry in high street stores were either silver and gold, and are initially idea was to have bright, colourful jewelry to make it stand out. As of this we decided to choose a statement necklace which would be the main focal point in the chosen 3 images. 

Since the words we came up with were effective, we wanted the location to be isolated, dark but contained some aspect of nature - similar to the New Nomad photo shoot. 
Our first selection off photographs where taken in a park and didn't include a model as we wanted the sole attention to be on the jewelry itself however, this proved to be quite unsuccessful as the lighting wasn't good and it wasn't clear what are vision was. Following from this we gathered as a group and re discussed are ideas and decided to re locate, so choose to take more photographs outside the university and a car park; which is where we took the majority of the photographs. 
As we wanted to focus on the jewelry the styling took on a nude colour palette, and we decided to contrast this with bold makeup, seen through a smokey eye look and a nude lip. As the motive within are group was to focus on the jewelry we also wanted infuse are chosen five words into the shoot, on going this we decided that the model's pose should replicate the words we chose, as well as the ones seen in the New Nomad photo shoot, but in a much more suble light. 

these are the final three photographs that we decided to present as our final product 

I loved doing this project, simply because it was very hands on and touched upon photography, creative direction and styling; which are things that I'm very interested in. As a group we were very pleased with the final outcomes of are images, as it was given very positive feedback from our tutors and seminar groups. Our images were also voted second best within the presentation, so it's definitely something that topped off the first terms at University. I can't wait to be able to do more hands of projects throughout the three years i'm here!

Chrissy x 

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